The Kyttaro house

We at Kyttaro Natural Care from the northeastern city of Alexandroupolis in Greece only process plants and oils from our own farm, as well as wild collections from the natural wealth of Thrace and Samothrace. We use excellent raw materials for the production of handmade beeswax ointments, creams, aromatic oils, extracts, tinctures and various other natural preparations, without the addition of chemical preservatives.

Our products

We grow the herbs with passion and care and collect them with love, using the biodynamic calendar as a guide. We use their roots, leaves, sprouts and flowers fresh or dried in order to preserve all their useful properties and to be able to offer them high quality products.

Our motivation

The separation of modern man from his natural environment in the large urban centers contributes to his emotional exhaustion and physical weakness. Herbs are a source of life and health. Their properties have been known to man since the beginning of their appearance. All of creation was created so that we can enjoy and benefit from its goods. The mother earth together with the sun enables them to grow. We humans can make use of these herbs to draw new strength and energy.